The sustainability of agriculture depends as much on the natural resources required for production as it does on the stakeholders that manage those resources.  We collaborate with agricultural stakeholders to develop and deliver research-based information on weed ecology and management.  This information is available through Extension publications, presentations, workshops, and other activities.

MontGuides and technical bulletins

Weed management

Weed seedbank dynamics and integrated management of agricultural weeds

Integrated strategies for managing agricultural weeds

Weed management in shelterbelts


Getting the most from soil-applied herbicides

Preventing and managing herbicide-resistant weeds in Montana

Specific crop and weed species information

Growing dry pea in Montana

Integrated management of weeds in dry peas

Integrated weed management in lentils

Persian darnel: identification, biology and ecology

Ecology and management of Canada thistle

Cheatgrass: identification, biology and integrated management

Sustainable and organic cropping systems

An introduction to the principles and practices of sustainable farming

From conventional to organic cropping: what to expect during the transition years


Powerpoint presentations

Herbicide mode of action

Herbicide resistance- news and updates

Management of cheatgrass

Talking about climate change

Transitioning to organic and weed management


Weed management tools

Herbicide selection for cereals: Choose a post applied herbicide

Prevent and diagnose herbicide injury

WeedSOFT: A decision support system to assist growers, consultants, and extension agents


Videos and webinars (coming soon!)


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Herbicide labels and MSDS

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